Cover of King Diamond’s “Welcome Home” on Dsound!

welcome home cover


A while back I decided to do the entire “Them” album on my acoustic for Steemit Open Mic. I did this starting with the opening track “Welcome Home”. I’m not sure I have the audio from the other performances saved on the computer, but if I do, you’ll see them here. The artwork is an edited photo from a gig on Halloween in Atlanta GA with my old band Incarceri 9. I believe this was 2009, although it could have been 2008. I decided to go in corpse paint that night 🙂 What a good night that was.

Grandma’ welcome home… You have
been gone for far too long
Is this a dream, are You really back?
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Grandma’ take a look
What do You think of the house and
the silvery moon?
We are going to repaint the front door
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Wait till You see Your room up in the
Prepared just like You said, without a
You will find Your rocking chair and
the tea pot that Missy found
Let me help You out of the chair…
There is someone waiting for You,
now come along
Missy and Mother, they are dying to
meet You
How strange… she’s spoken no word…
I wonder Grandma’! Are You all right?
Grandma’ what was it like to be on
that holiday site
“Oh it could have been worse but
with “THEM” by my side
In the twilight “THEY” sang all the old
Grandma’ who are “THEY”… “never
mind You dirty little brat”
“Let us go inside, something’s on
“THEIR” mind
“THEY” are still alive, can You feel
“THEIR” eyes
Can You feel “THEIR” eyes?
Now that You are stuck with me You
better be my friend.

Listen and Download on Dsound

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