Dark God Of The Universe

dark god of the universe


As some may be aware, on May 6th my latest album “Unfold” was released on Circle Of Death Records. This is one of the tune from that album. Just as most songs are, this one is open to interpretation, but from my own POV this one is about the concept of every one of us being a part of instead of separate from the universe around us and the idea that we are here to experience it all including ourselves. Thus the dark god spoken of is us.


Graspin my guitar like I’m graspin to the roots to try and dig myself out of my grave
My mortal enemy stared back from the mirror to me like he’s just as shocked as me

Held together binary code
that’s only locked behind the window
to entertain the dark god of the universe
of the universe….


Check this out on Dsound!

and also on Choon or Spotify!

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