New Single ‘My Love My Pain’ Out Today From Morktra


It’s Friday and officially time to hear new music from some of your favorite artist, and today I present another single from my project, Morktra. This one is entitled My Love My Pain and it is now available on Spotify and iTunes among several others, so go look to find it at your preferred music retailer or streaming service 👍

oh my darling how I loved you
but you belonged to the angel of death
no amount of praying could have saved you
your fate was woven by the norns
I’m fated to this life of sadness
my wounds are now just to deep
Can’t expect any love or understanding
can only hold on till my time

and I may never see you again
my love was never enough in the end
this pain will guide me to my final day
my pointless love will never go away

It is my pain
this love it is my pain
this love my pain

Here’s a performance of the song in studio before the official recording


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