Hive Open Mic Week 119 – Disillusioned From Afar


I named this instrumental Disillusioned From Afar because of the theme of the week, Prejudice. Prejudice is a sad fact of human nature and it is, I believe, something we cannot eliminate. Trying to get rid of prejudice has only led to creating more of it as we see with the woke BS all over the place. Even here on Hive and Steemit before it I have seen the bad habits of this rear its ugly head. The best we can do is try to empathize with others and not pass judgement over them based on any immutable aspects, such as race, ethnicity, language, or gender, and also other aspects such as religious or spiritual beliefs. We should really strive to understand that we all have our own struggles and when you get to know someone who is different or from another part of the world or sexual orientation, or whatever, often you will find that you have more in common that what separates you.

I also named it that because I moved out to the middle of nowhere years ago to try and escape what I now realize is human nature. I have since learned to accept people and just understand that it is fucked and there’s nothing we can do about it. Thus I am disillusioned from afar.


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