Hive Open Mic Week 125 – Trapped Within Realms In Between


This week I’m suffering from the sniffles which have moved from my ears and into my throat, so no vocals this week. So, instead, I decided to jam on my Gretsch hollow body. I played around with different tunings, from D standard, Open C, and Drop C and settled on the Drop C with this one. Then I just jammed the rest out in the moment and this is the result.

I was thinking about the prospect of being trapped in between dimensions, somewhere within the vast cosmic sea we live in. It is a subject on which I ponder often, not being stuck or trapped, but the vastness, the impossible mind breaking span and properties of existence. “Who’s roots no one knows”, not even the Gods know the full span and splendor of the world tree.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this guitar jam!

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