The Singing Voice Week 31 – We Are Gonna Die


This week I decided to go back to the very first recording I did for Morktra with the song off the first album called We Are Gonna Die. I’m doing an acoustic looper adaptation of the song and finishing it out with some improvised guitar.


We are gonna die
At the of the day there’s no escape
We are gonna die
At the end of our time there’s no surprise
we are going to die
No matter what ya say there’s no delay
We are going to die

And it’s a beautiful thing
We’ll all be together forever
We’ll make merry and happy times
Cause we are going to die

We couldn’t be with each other
In life we were pulled apart
But in the beautiful nothing of death
We have become as one

Forever, oh forever
Forever, forever in death
it’s a long long time
Forever is a long time
It’s a long fucking time

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