Morktra – Trapped In The Astral Plane


This week I’m honoring the theme by playing my guitar!

Last night we were playing D&D and I was Dming. I was recounting a story to my daughter, her BF, and the rest of the kids playing of an incident that supposedly happened back during the mid-late 80s Satanic Panic era. It happened right around the time Judas Priest got dragged into court and accused of one of their songs driving some kid to suicide. This particular incident was centered around 1st Edition AD&D and some of the details in those books on the casting of spells. Apparently, this young man in Texas decided he’d cast the Astral Spell inside of a circle of protection and he added a shot gun to the components of the spell in order to take a short cut into the Astral Plane. Suffice to say the gun worked only in a one way fashion for this unfortunate kid, but it did not fail to be added to the moral panic of the time.

Now I have no confirmation that this story is true or not, but it would not surprise me.

I hope you enjoy the jam 🖤



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