Having played extreme metal for many years, Frank Murphy decided to start this as a side project to express his other musical leanings. After not being in a band for 3 years, Frank has put his main focus on Morktra. Morktra is an ever evolving sound with a basis in the acoustic guitar. The lyrics are deeply personal and laden with despair and solitude with yet a glimmer of hope. Frank is setting no limits on this project and has released an album on January 6 2015 entitled “Tales From a Deathless Tree”. The “I’m Still Here” Demo was released on December 2015, and finally his latest album “Contemplation’s Of The Void” was released on January of 2017. Frank is currently recording his third full length album which will be titled “In The Earth (I Will Be Free)” which is due to be released early in 2018.

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