in the earth



This track was written and recorded in late 2017 with the help of @dreamrafa who performed a most excellent guitar solo for the song. It was released as the title track for a whole album in April of 2018 on @circleofdeath records.

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I’m not trying to out do anyone
I’m just trying to kill the pain
By booze, drugs, some fun and makin a little love
and getting rid of the lie of me
It’s draggin me down
This misery
but it’s the only friend of me
In the end I’ll be in the ground you see
In the earth I will be free
I don’t hate myself or my life
I just hate these human ways
Letting go’s the only thing misery’s telling me to do
I’d like to thank the human race for opening my eyes
and getting rid of this big fat lie


Stolen Soul


Tonight I’m shining a light on Stolen Soul. This is one I wrote and was well received in the Steemit Song Writer’s challenge that was put together by @meno early last year. After I wrote and performed it, @thomasrobertgent and @davidfar wanted to further flesh out the tune, so @thomasrobertgent hit the drums on it and @davidfar laid down a bassline and mixed and mastered the whole thing. I myself wrote the music, lyrics, played the guitars and vocals. The song is basically about how most of our problems stem from our own failures.


born into a world full of hope
bereft after a million years of sorrow
can I replace what was stolen from me
can we find a better way to be
ask my stolen soul
find my peace taken far below
who could it be to cause this misery
could it be the thief was me
hollowed out by years of self serving lies
I stand a shell of spite against passing time
my hope lays dead in the ruins of my heart
I’ll find my peace in the only thing that’s real
ask my stolen soul
find my peace taken far below
who could it be to cause this misery
could it be the thief was me

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This is the original video performance entered into the 3rd week of the songwriter challenge… good times


blessed entropy


I’m feeling under the weather this week having developed Pneumonia. So I’m posting this track about how we fall apart as the whole universe is doing all the time. Entropy, the only true constant in existence.


I’d like to play with you my friend
In the end and in the right place and time
But lately I’ve been underground
Hasn’t been just the right place and time

We are only falling apart
As the whole universe would be
Never fight this blessed entropy
As it defines what we never will become
Never will become
What we never will become Oohhh oohhhhh oh
What we never will become

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The penetrating Site of Fate

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This is a track from my 3rd full length album entitled In The Earth I Will Be Free. This is a Dark Acoustic tune with haunted vocals.


I can see through the dark
To the dark side of the moon
and I see right through you

In the haze you can see my face
and there’s nothing you can do

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It’s been a few days of turmoil that have thankfully subsided up here at the homestead. So I decided to share a song I wrote about my favorite place to escape to and heal, The Shadow.

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For the downtrodden, I walk alone but right beside you
In this tribe of solitude you’re not truly alone
For I’m writing my sorrow for those who suffer
For I suffer with you, so let’s make for the shadow

Darkness blanket me with your sorrowful warmth
In the beauty of knowing one day this will pass

There down in my soul I love all you who suffer
For it’s you who carry the light of truth for us all
You know we all are one in this universe of tears
Don’t wipe the tears from the window, let it rain and drown away the lies

Darkness blanket me with your sorrowful warmth
In the beauty of knowing one day this will pass
This all will pass
So let’s make for the Shadow oohhhhh


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Continuing on revisiting my last effort, this song is one of the tracks from that album.
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Tumbling Spiraling through time
No one considers which way we fall
Cycling in and out of phase
When will we step outside the matrix?

The code lives in front of our eyes
Yet things are turning us blind
So blind These things we can live without
Yes we should throw them into the fire

The desire of a safe life
With everything you wish to possess
Time to let it go far behind
Sacrifice so we can grow and thrive

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