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Greetings everyone!

Back in August, Hive, a decentralized social media platformed built with blockchain tech held a music festival, the first of many months of festivals and I was honored to participate in the first one. I decided to record it from the mixing board and put it out there for you guys to enjoy. You can find this 3 song single everywhere music is sold. I leave you the Spotify links but you can also go to the download section here at to find it elsewhere.

A video of the whole performance

Greetings all!

This single will be out a day after my birthday this year. I wrote this one about the state of human society. You can download it ahead of time and for free by visiting

I’ll stretch my old mind round the madness of these times and
though I do not see the end of all things
I surely see the absurdity in the ending of society

Bereft- in the ending of your dreams
Bereft- in complete insanity
Bereft- the spiral rules our world again
Bereft- unholy chaos our only friend

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Yesterday, the latest single from Morktra was released on Circle Of Death entitled DNA. It was a take on the current events facing us around the world


I see the lights begin to fade
as we no longer look our way
No motivation to go on
Surprised I even wrote this song
I can’t even believe I’m here

and I face my darkest fear
of losing it all again
As the nil is finally here
and we reach the end of our DNA

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This is a new one I came up with a couple days ago. I was up after midnight until like 4am, unable to sleep and so I got really stoned but it did nothing but make me feel inspired. So I had this chord progression along with some haunting female sounding voices. I’m going to attempt to flesh this one out a bit more and it might not sound the same in the end, but this is what I’ve initially come up with. I hope you enjoy!

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It’s been a stressful time lately in the world. Stress and tension and dismay are all on the rise and this song seems to have come out of my mood of stress and tension. I surely hope cooler heads prevail in time and we can bounce back stronger as a world…

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