This is the first single since January. It is due for release July 1st.
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It’s been a stressful time lately in the world. Stress and tension and dismay are all on the rise and this song seems to have come out of my mood of stress and tension. I surely hope cooler heads prevail in time and we can bounce back stronger as a world…

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Greetings good and awesome people!

I am pleased and extremely blessed to be able to bring you my first music video for my solo project Morktra. I couldn’t have made this song what it has become without the help of Davood Faramarzi and Tom Gent. Davood played bass, did the mix and master for the track, and edited and compiled the video files. Tom played the skins. So I’d like to thank you both for the efforts you have put into this song. Doing this video with Davood was a blast and I very much look forward to doing another one with him very soon.


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Today is a special day, not only is it leap day, but three artist from Circle Of Death Records are releasing music today. One of those artist happens to be myself. I’m releasing a piece I came up with this past Summer when I was hanging out in a pretty desolate part of Colorado known as the Sand Wash Basin. It’s the home to several herds of wild horses and not much else but high desert beauty. The cover art for this single is from a photo I snapped and edited of a place smack in the middle of the Sand Wash Basin. The music is an instrumental guitar piece I made using my looper and pretty much coming up with the different layers as I went on. I hope you enjoy 🙂

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While we are nearing the end of winter, I decided to release this instrumental piece that I wrote and recorded back at the beginning of last fall. I was thinking on the cycles of life/death/rebirth when I came up with this tune in which I use mainly my acoustic breedlove guitar along with my korg microstation music workstation in conjunction with my boss loopstation to perform this recording live in one take. I’ve released it on Circle Of Death Records and it will be out on the 21st of February. Below is a video of me recording the song.

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Peace, Love, and Horns UP!!! \m/

use the demon

Greetings Sonic Groove Live and Steemit!

I wrote this song while really stoned one night after my daughter Carmilla and I were wrapping up a rehearsal. I was asking my kids to contribute, but they didn’t LOL. This song was written to kinda sound tongue and cheek but in the song the term “demon” is intended to mean the individuality of the self we all have inside us to get us through the darker times in life. I hope you all enjoy!

If you’re all alone and stoned
Use the demon
If your heart has turned to stone
Use the demon

If you’re in a world of make believe
That your eye cannot perceive
Don’t get your panties in a twist
Just let that demon scratch your itch

When your world is growing dark
Use the demon
When the light is in your heart
Use the demon

The song is set to be released through Circle Of Death Records as a single on November 30th. You can get an early listen and free download of the track right now through Dsound!

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A Walk With Memory

Greetings All!

This is one I recorded back in May and I decided to go ahead and finish it up today and put it out there. It will be released on Circle Of Death on November 20!

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The Lie


It has been many months of writer’s block preventing me from writing lyrics, hence the over abundance of instrumentals on my part. This song is very personal and recounts the feelings I’ve had of recent over my battle to get my now 15 year old son mental help, which has done nothing but backfire on me and has ruined our relationship for the foreseeable future. If I’ve ever prided myself in anything it was how good of a father I was.

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That 12 gauge never looked so inviting
Hate to admit I can’t stop thinking
Of tasting my final cry
I’ve managed to lose every single part of me
My only son does not have respect for me
Can I pray to God to get my reason
Feel powerless against this absolute failure
My whole life’s been a lie

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Once Fell To The Ground


Man… it seems like it’s been a while since I came up with some new music, but it’s only been like 9 or 10 days. I’ve had some continued difficulty with some of my children which is very stressful and makes a mind awful cluttered with negative bullshit, but one good thing that’s happened is I moved my studio to a bigger room. So, enjoy this new creation which is due out on Circle Of Death Records as a single this Halloween. This guitar piece is dedicated to the fall season, where things fall to the Earth and die in order to make room for new growth. Listen and Download now on Dsound!

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