This week I couldn’t really figure out just what to do, so I decided to just play with my looper. I came up with something rather sweet and happy for a change. Hope you enjoy the results 😉

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Greetings Steemit!

I hope everyone is having a fine apocalypse. I have as of yesterday finished finalizing the track list for the newest Morktra album Unfold. I put together the video above with 30 second clips from each track in album order. The pics in the video are ones I’ve taken from areas near the homestead. The album will be out early May, possibly later this week as time allows for me to go into town to upload it. I am heading into town today to upload and release Tom Gent’s new album Beyond Repair. So you all may see two full length albums released in one week from Circle Of Death Records.

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my life in winter

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I’m continuing sharing again my 3rd album with you and we’ve come to this heavier, mostly instrumental piece with the exception of the middle breakdown part where I do a spoken word bit with a message to my children.


please believe me
I meant you no harm
all the years of my life
are spent and torn
I stay here my child only to watch you grow
you have inside of you the seed of our memory
we are only here to tell a story
one of agony and strife but also of guts and glory
we are here to sing the song of life

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welcome home cover


A while back I decided to do the entire “Them” album on my acoustic for Steemit Open Mic. I did this starting with the opening track “Welcome Home”. I’m not sure I have the audio from the other performances saved on the computer, but if I do, you’ll see them here. The artwork is an edited photo from a gig on Halloween in Atlanta GA with my old band Incarceri 9. I believe this was 2009, although it could have been 2008. I decided to go in corpse paint that night 🙂 What a good night that was.

Grandma’ welcome home… You have
been gone for far too long
Is this a dream, are You really back?
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Grandma’ take a look
What do You think of the house and
the silvery moon?
We are going to repaint the front door
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Wait till You see Your room up in the
Prepared just like You said, without a
You will find Your rocking chair and
the tea pot that Missy found
Let me help You out of the chair…
There is someone waiting for You,
now come along
Missy and Mother, they are dying to
meet You
How strange… she’s spoken no word…
I wonder Grandma’! Are You all right?
Grandma’ what was it like to be on
that holiday site
“Oh it could have been worse but
with “THEM” by my side
In the twilight “THEY” sang all the old
Grandma’ who are “THEY”… “never
mind You dirty little brat”
“Let us go inside, something’s on
“THEIR” mind
“THEY” are still alive, can You feel
“THEIR” eyes
Can You feel “THEIR” eyes?
Now that You are stuck with me You
better be my friend.

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This is a song from the album In The Earth I Will Be Free about the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge here in Taos.


There’s a scar run north to south
In the land of the so called free
Our mother’s beautiful scar so fierce as rock
Bridging land and memory of human suffering

Sits a bridge of bending each side of this scar
Where those who’ve been pushed too far
Release themselves in the womb of the Earth
A place of great beauty and the suffering of mankind

Sitting at a sacred shakra point of our mother
The cries are heard of those who are ready
To hear the verse of the damned
No one gets out of here alive anyway

Of the gorge


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I present yet another great song from probably my absolute favorite band Amorphis.


No longer I was breathing
No more bleeding
Inside the urn
Under a soil and black stone
Under a soil and black stone

And I was listening
And felt no pain
To the sunrise to east
I’ll leave my grief

To the stars shine
Casting my eyes by the long nights
Blessed I was
To rest then
Inside the urn
Under a soil and black stone

Soil upon me
So fragile
As a veil
Without secrets
The staring
Space so wide

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I’m proud to present you guys with a brand new single out now on Circle Of Death Records.

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Somewhere within intertwined
Is the sweet lady so divine
Hidden beyond night sky
Within a realm of light

Answers come forth like the spring
We are the leaves of the tree
Inside the currents of the soul
Our dream we shall unfold

And when awake from dream
Beneath within we’ll be
Within her arms once more
Till twilight calls us back to shore

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in the earth



This track was written and recorded in late 2017 with the help of @dreamrafa who performed a most excellent guitar solo for the song. It was released as the title track for a whole album in April of 2018 on @circleofdeath records.

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I’m not trying to out do anyone
I’m just trying to kill the pain
By booze, drugs, some fun and makin a little love
and getting rid of the lie of me
It’s draggin me down
This misery
but it’s the only friend of me
In the end I’ll be in the ground you see
In the earth I will be free
I don’t hate myself or my life
I just hate these human ways
Letting go’s the only thing misery’s telling me to do
I’d like to thank the human race for opening my eyes
and getting rid of this big fat lie

Stolen Soul


Tonight I’m shining a light on Stolen Soul. This is one I wrote and was well received in the Steemit Song Writer’s challenge that was put together by @meno early last year. After I wrote and performed it, @thomasrobertgent and @davidfar wanted to further flesh out the tune, so @thomasrobertgent hit the drums on it and @davidfar laid down a bassline and mixed and mastered the whole thing. I myself wrote the music, lyrics, played the guitars and vocals. The song is basically about how most of our problems stem from our own failures.


born into a world full of hope
bereft after a million years of sorrow
can I replace what was stolen from me
can we find a better way to be
ask my stolen soul
find my peace taken far below
who could it be to cause this misery
could it be the thief was me
hollowed out by years of self serving lies
I stand a shell of spite against passing time
my hope lays dead in the ruins of my heart
I’ll find my peace in the only thing that’s real
ask my stolen soul
find my peace taken far below
who could it be to cause this misery
could it be the thief was me

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This is the original video performance entered into the 3rd week of the songwriter challenge… good times