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It’s been a few days of turmoil that have thankfully subsided up here at the homestead. So I decided to share a song I wrote about my favorite place to escape to and heal, The Shadow.

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For the downtrodden, I walk alone but right beside you
In this tribe of solitude you’re not truly alone
For I’m writing my sorrow for those who suffer
For I suffer with you, so let’s make for the shadow

Darkness blanket me with your sorrowful warmth
In the beauty of knowing one day this will pass

There down in my soul I love all you who suffer
For it’s you who carry the light of truth for us all
You know we all are one in this universe of tears
Don’t wipe the tears from the window, let it rain and drown away the lies

Darkness blanket me with your sorrowful warmth
In the beauty of knowing one day this will pass
This all will pass
So let’s make for the Shadow oohhhhh


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Continuing on revisiting my last effort, this song is one of the tracks from that album.
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Tumbling Spiraling through time
No one considers which way we fall
Cycling in and out of phase
When will we step outside the matrix?

The code lives in front of our eyes
Yet things are turning us blind
So blind These things we can live without
Yes we should throw them into the fire

The desire of a safe life
With everything you wish to possess
Time to let it go far behind
Sacrifice so we can grow and thrive

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Greetings !!!

This is the title track from my album Live Looper sessions volume 1 Stoned. I wrote it while I was extremely stoned, hence the title.


I feel so stoned
Make me feel so long
A million miles down to my feet
I don’t feel so tall
I can see the walls
Of illusive delusion
Teen you and me
I don’t care no more
For what may be in store
Can’t live for tomorrow
Fuck yesterday
I let go of you
You let go of me
Not even ourselves
Come for what may be
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(musical outro)

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It’s in these moments alone
In my solitude I can find my home
For my mind is a tired one
From Wanting a life I thought I had
Look away Go away
From the path I left behind
Having hope Seeking truth
I think we must be blind
Leave the lost path behind
oh behind

As the lights go out in my wake
Feel I’ve made the mistake
But it’s just a show and you know
What they say
So I turn my eyes to the front of me
For the sooner I finish my show
There I can rest with my heart
With my heart


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