Today I’m announcing a new single to be released on August 5th from the solo project of Morktra

This track is an acoustic instrumental New Age piece that was originally played on Hive Open Mic. It is a peaceful track where Morktra attempts to channel what he imagines are universal sounds of a more calm and cosmic nature.

Below I’m including a short clip of the track!


and welcome to the Singing Voice Week 21

This week I decided to do a cover where I am just singing sans guitar for a bit of a change.

When I jam with my daughter Carmilla, I usually just sing with her anymore. So earlier the night of the recording we were basically doing karaoke style singing along with some backing tracks we found. I came across this one and decided to record it. I have been listening to this one a lot lately. It is the title track from the final album HIM released called Tears On Tape. I hope you all enjoy!


This little acoustic riff was something I’ve been messing with a couple days. I don’t have as much time these days because I’ve had to take on a new job in town, some 45 minutes away. But, somehow I’m managing to keep picking my friend up every day and playing some music.

TBH, “Trumpet Sound” just wasn’t making anything come to mind and I do not play the trumpet, so I did my favorite thing. With only some short riffage on the acoustic and building with my looper in the moment and into a song. I hope you all enjoy!!!


I usually make a post on Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday, but I’m starting a new job this evening to make some extra money because as many of you may know first hand, times are hard and getting harder everywhere in the world.

So, this week with the theme I had the honor of picking out, I’m playing my song which was released in 2018 on the In The Earth I Will Be Free album, entitled Plying My Trade.

It is a song as much about the human condition as it is an ode to those of us who work our butts off for survival and to get the things our hearts desire.



Welcome to Week 20 of The Singing Voice!

I was noodling around with my guitars, jamming on the song I intend on playing for Hive Open Mic this week. While doing this I came up with some cool sounds on my electric, so I decided to put together a loop for The Singing Voice.

I named this one Last Of Our Days because of the changes going on in my life and probably in a lot of peoples lives these days. It really feels like something old is coming to an end, does it not?

Anyway, enjoy this instrumental piece 🖤

Greetings !!!

For this week, I chose an original off my third full length album In The Earth I Will Be Free, which came out in 2018. I chose the track called Hole In The Ground. It is one of a great many depressing songs that I write often. This song is about a daydream I used to have often, where I would envision myself laying in my coffin. I was going through a pretty dark time when I wrote this one. In the song I also touch on my view of human nature, which tends to ruin everything, and also the thought that none of this is even real. As ultimately, only death is real.


I know I’m lying next to you
oh but I am already gone
This world has nothing left for me
and of this life I am done

I don’t hate this world, but it’s just not real
All the truth is beyond, beyond that hole in the ground

I now have daydreams
of lying in my coffin
an imagination of hope
to see beyond my suffering

I don’t hate this world, but it’s just not real
All the truth is beyond, beyond that hole in the ground

This misery is my spirit guide
in this horrid plane of Hell
Where animals called “Humankind”
pretend to be something else

I don’t hate this world, but it’s just not real
All the truth is beyond, beyond that hole in the ground
I don’t hate this world, but it’s just not real
All the truth is beyond, beyond that hole in the ground


This week I’m performing a moody guitar looper instrumental piece I’m calling Lapse Of Meaning. As I see the decay of our civilization, it makes me believe that folks have forgotten why. It is the why, the meaning that gives people a reason not to lose their faculty for reason and meaning.

I hope you enjoy!