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It’s in these moments alone
In my solitude I can find my home
For my mind is a tired one
From Wanting a life I thought I had
Look away Go away
From the path I left behind
Having hope Seeking truth
I think we must be blind
Leave the lost path behind
oh behind

As the lights go out in my wake
Feel I’ve made the mistake
But it’s just a show and you know
What they say
So I turn my eyes to the front of me
For the sooner I finish my show
There I can rest with my heart
With my heart


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Bare Me Hence

Hello Everyone!!!

I’m happy to introduce another song preview from the upcoming EP I’ll be releasing on Circle Of Death Records later this year. I’d also like to encourage any and all musicians out there to check out the decentralized sound platform known as Dsound. Here your tracks are available for Download and you earn money for upvotes on your tracks through Steem

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