dark god of the universe


As some may be aware, on May 6th my latest album “Unfold” was released on Circle Of Death Records. This is one of the tune from that album. Just as most songs are, this one is open to interpretation, but from my own POV this one is about the concept of every one of us being a part of instead of separate from the universe around us and the idea that we are here to experience it all including ourselves. Thus the dark god spoken of is us.


Graspin my guitar like I’m graspin to the roots to try and dig myself out of my grave
My mortal enemy stared back from the mirror to me like he’s just as shocked as me

Held together binary code
that’s only locked behind the window
to entertain the dark god of the universe
of the universe….


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meditation loops1


I was totally not going to start recording so soon after the very recent release of the last Morktra album just a few days ago, but during my Sunday morning meditation/exercise routine, I was pondering doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years, an album of meditation music. I also have some music just laying around to add to such a work. So this is my first one in that endeavor and it is also on Choon only for now. I figure to take my time with this album and see what other ideas may come to mind 😉

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I Care For You


I’ve recently released a new album called Unfold and this is track #3 on the album. This track doesn’t have many words but it is one of those songs that does not need many. The meaning behind this song is very simple. So have a listen won’t you and hear the meaning.

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I Care For You performed live for Steemit Open Mic!

sorrow in suffering


I’m continuing highlighting my 4 song demo from 2015 today with this song. It is a demo version of a song that makes another appearance on my second album Contemplation’s Of The Void in a more finished and acoustic form.


We are alone
Where nothing is real
In denial we walk
Into the absurdity

My soul it cries her name into oblivion
Alone I suffer this pain curled into solitude’s arms
I can’t let go of the haunting memories
I wear this mask of all my sorrows in suffering

Accepting the pain
I carry for life
It’s all that I have
Left of her love

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I'm Still Here


I’m going back to 2015 with the release of the I’m Still Here Demo on Bandcamp. I wrote this song about the way it felt in the aftermath of the car accident that injured me and took the life of my beloved wife Monica. At a certain point when you’re dealing with struggles you have to stand up and say “Is that all you got?”. This is the title track of that four song demo.


Been run over smacked in the face
Life has left me a total disgrace
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here
Call it karma call it fate
death has left and forgot me again
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here

I’m still here to shake my fist in your face
call you out on all your bullshit
be the focus of all of your hate

So now I’ll just say fuck you
throw my middle finger up
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here

Hope my life offends you still
my existence brings you chills
I’m still here oh lord I’m still here

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Greetings Steemit!

I hope everyone is having a fine apocalypse. I have as of yesterday finished finalizing the track list for the newest Morktra album Unfold. I put together the video above with 30 second clips from each track in album order. The pics in the video are ones I’ve taken from areas near the homestead. The album will be out early May, possibly later this week as time allows for me to go into town to upload it. I am heading into town today to upload and release Tom Gent’s new album Beyond Repair. So you all may see two full length albums released in one week from Circle Of Death Records.

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my life in winter

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I’m continuing sharing again my 3rd album with you and we’ve come to this heavier, mostly instrumental piece with the exception of the middle breakdown part where I do a spoken word bit with a message to my children.


please believe me
I meant you no harm
all the years of my life
are spent and torn
I stay here my child only to watch you grow
you have inside of you the seed of our memory
we are only here to tell a story
one of agony and strife but also of guts and glory
we are here to sing the song of life

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welcome home cover


A while back I decided to do the entire “Them” album on my acoustic for Steemit Open Mic. I did this starting with the opening track “Welcome Home”. I’m not sure I have the audio from the other performances saved on the computer, but if I do, you’ll see them here. The artwork is an edited photo from a gig on Halloween in Atlanta GA with my old band Incarceri 9. I believe this was 2009, although it could have been 2008. I decided to go in corpse paint that night 🙂 What a good night that was.

Grandma’ welcome home… You have
been gone for far too long
Is this a dream, are You really back?
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Grandma’ take a look
What do You think of the house and
the silvery moon?
We are going to repaint the front door
Let me help You out of the chair…
Let me touch You, let me feel… Ah
Wait till You see Your room up in the
Prepared just like You said, without a
You will find Your rocking chair and
the tea pot that Missy found
Let me help You out of the chair…
There is someone waiting for You,
now come along
Missy and Mother, they are dying to
meet You
How strange… she’s spoken no word…
I wonder Grandma’! Are You all right?
Grandma’ what was it like to be on
that holiday site
“Oh it could have been worse but
with “THEM” by my side
In the twilight “THEY” sang all the old
Grandma’ who are “THEY”… “never
mind You dirty little brat”
“Let us go inside, something’s on
“THEIR” mind
“THEY” are still alive, can You feel
“THEIR” eyes
Can You feel “THEIR” eyes?
Now that You are stuck with me You
better be my friend.

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