Performing Acoustic Instrumental Improvisational Piece, Spring Cycle 51, For Hive Open Mic Week 107


I recorded and attempted to upload this performance a week ago, but due to high winds and smoke from the various wildfires going off around me, it effected my wifi signal, which is the only internet worth anything out here in the boonies. So, instead I’m posting the performance this week.

I named this performance Spring Cycle 51 because this Spring is my 51st on this Earth. I turn 52 later this year in early Fall. Anyway, I was going for something chill and laid back, much like Spring at least should be and usually is. The warmer temps are definitely welcome, although on our way back from the Amorphis concert in Denver, we hit some light snow in the mountains. That’s not so unusual, I’ve even seen it snow pretty bad one year in June at my house.

Hope you enjoy this performance ✌️

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