Hive Open Mic Week 109 – Paper Kites Paper Cuts


Welcome to week 109 everyone! I hope as many of you as possible are doing well. Man, it’s been a stressful one for me this week as my youngest is in some trouble and a cattle rancher that leases grazing rights from a neighboring ranch is harassing my family and shooting at our dogs. I spent the week handling these situations, which made it questionable that I’d be able to participate in Open Mic or Hive at all this week, but alas, here I am.

Without much time to prepare (the usual for me) I played around with a couple riffs and my looper to come up with this guitar jam, which I improvised over. After looking up Paper Kites and finding out they’re a Folk Rock group with very enjoyable music, but not quite my style, I decided to play something chill but with my touch on it. I hope you enjoy ✌️


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