The Singing Voice Week 32 – We Are Oblivion


I was unsure whether I would have the time to do a second performance this week, but alas, I was able to. For this performance I did a song off my very first Morktra album that was written a few years before Morktra was born. I wrote it back in 2009 when I was in my last band Incarceri 9.

This song reflects a person who no longer exist. Back then I was a die hard atheist. I was nihilistic to the core. But, with this song I attempt to grasp a concept that I still believe, even though I have gone through very much since then which has made me grow as a person, especially on a spiritual level and adopt a belief system. I describe Oblivion in this song as basically everything. We are part of it all in all its magic and divinity. I was describing a person incapable of believing in any God, even if they came down to introduce themselves to me. I was such a hardheaded asshole.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


believe in me you say
from the heavens above us
but even if you’re there
belief cannot exist in here

For I know I’m one of a billion
and I know we are one in an ocean of nothing… of nothing

We matter not in oblivion
existence is only a prison
from the fall of mankind to the rise of the next batch of fools

I know this doesn’t matter ahhh ahhh

We are oblivion We are oblivion

Babe that’s all we are
Make the best of it
until our release


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