The Singing Voice Week 33 – A Ripple In Time


This week my plan was to post a Smashing Pumpkins cover with my daughter doing the singing, but she needs a little more practice. So instead I did an improvised guitar piece and I titled it A Ripple In Time. I gave it that title because over the pasty several weeks it has become clear to me that since I ended my retirement from working a job a couple months back that I have way less time for music. I feel as if a lot of my performances for you guys on Hive feel rushed to me. I don’t like rushing in doing a thing that I enjoy more than most everything in life.

So, in order to improve the quality of my performances and in order that I might have time for other projects, like recording new music for releasing on Circle Of Death Records, or doing some tutorials for YouTube fans, etc. I am planning on for the time being scaling back to one post per week, either in Open Mic, or here in the Singing Voice, but not both. I don’t know how long this will last, but I need to do it for my own sanity, which is not very sound to begin with 😂



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