Morktra – Shifting In Balance (Improvisational Looper Guitar) Performed on Week 34 Of Pukumundo’s Singing Voice


As we age we should mature and grow and always be becoming better versions of ourselves. At least that is what I believe. It took me a long time in life to understand the value of always trying to do the right thing in any given situation. My father was always doing this and I did take notice. I always felt like I could never be as good of a person as my Dad, and I still feel like I’m not. I am not who he was and as an adoptee, I’ll never have his DNA to speak to me in some involuntary way to inform me of how to be.

But here lately I have been trying to bring myself more into some sort of balanced state as I delve deeper into my 50s and after a rather long session in meditation I came to the conclusion to free myself. That is exactly why I decided to scale back my Hive postings to once a week. I can say I’m pretty pleased with the way this guitar piece came out. I took more time with it and capturing feeling. I called it Shifting In Balance because I feel that is what I had to do. I came to understand and decided to dive into what this music is, which required me to be more relaxed and free during my time off from work.

Anyway, Enjoy the music!!!



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